Sticker Driver Launched A Mass Car Advertising Campaign For Star Cineplex To Create Buzz For It's Movies (Avatar)!

05 February 2023

Adeffi Ltd, the Parent company of Sticker Driver has added Star Cineplex to its renewal addition of clients!

For the first time in Bangladesh, Star Cineplex has launched a Car advertising campaign for its movies with the help of Sticker Driver!

Start Cineplex’s car advertising campaign is expected to create massive buzz for its movies in Dhaka as this is the first of its kind campaign for movies in Bangladesh. Daily Commuters, ride-sharing passengers, and foot traffic are the major target groups of this campaign as these groups will be most exposed to the advertised cars.

Sticker Driver believes this mass advertising campaign will benefit Star Cineplex strategically from multiple perspectives. Firstly, it’ll create buzz for its movies, secondly, the campaign will boost Star Cineplex’s brand presence in the local market, thirdly it’ll create an impact in terms of customer preference eventually increasing sales of tickets for Star Cineplex.

Furthermore, Star Cineplex will be able to monitor these advertised cars and have real-time information accessible through our dashboard. The route network and the computed distance coverage of the advertised cars will be visible. Additionally, they will get access to weekly pictographic report updates of the advertised cars via our dashboard, and real-time data on impression totals via the Google API.

Adeffi Ltd, the parent company of Sticker Driver, aims to provide promising clients with the advantages of mass outdoor advertising in the most effective manner feasible.

Adeffi Ltd, the Parent company of Sticker Driver, appreciates Star Cineplex for trusting them as their strategic out-of-home advertising partner!