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Our mission is to avail data driven outdoor advertising for brands in Bangladesh by tapping into the gig economy and our tech based OOH platform.

Revolution in OOH Industry

We take the responsibility of creating hustle-free and impactful outdoor on-vehicle advertising for brands in Bangladesh.

Earning Opportunity for Car Owners

Sticker Driver provides quick and easy registration that empowers car owners with extra earning without any extra concerns.

Integration of Technology with OOH

Our data-driven advertising platform and impression count algorithm provides powerful control over outdoor campaigns to brands with the use of technology.

A Better Digital Bangladesh

We are working to make a revolutionary Out of Home on-vehicle advertising platform with the vision of building a better Digital Bangladesh.

mission of sticker driver

To take the responsibility on behalf of Brands to advertise their products or services more effectively and efficiently than any other marketing platforms in Bangladesh by using tech. Make OOH vehicle advertising more effective and efficient for Brands and create an extra income opportunity for Drivers that impactful..

vision of sticker driver

To help for making a better Digital Bangladesh by making a tech enabled Advertising and Marketing platform for every brand around the country. Make a revolutionary Out of home (OOH) vehicle advertising platform for Brands and extra earning platform for drivers with the vision of building better Digital Bangladesh.