Adeffi Limited, The Parent Company of Sticker Driver Rebrands Itself With A New Logo & Website.

02 May 2023

Adeffi Limited Launches Revolutionary Outdoor Advertising Technology Marketplace.

Adeffi Limited is proud to announce the launch of the first outdoor advertising technology marketplace that solves two critical problems in the outdoor advertising market. The company is building a marketplace where any brand can launch any outdoor ad campaign and track its ROI using Adeffi's in-house technology.

Adeffi's marketplace is set to revolutionize the outdoor advertising industry by simplifying the process of launching outdoor ad campaigns while offering advanced tracking and analytics tools. The company's platform enables brands to identify the best outdoor ad placement opportunities that match their target audience's demographics, interests, and location. Adeffi's technology ensures that brands get the maximum ROI from their outdoor ad campaigns.

Adeffi's CEO, Binoy Barman, stated that the company is excited to introduce its technology-driven marketplace to the outdoor advertising industry. He said, "Our platform is designed to make outdoor advertising accessible, efficient, and effective for brands of all sizes. We believe that our technology-driven approach will change the way brands think about outdoor advertising."

As part of the brand's launch, Adeffi Limited has unveiled its new logo and website, which reflects its mission to revolutionize the outdoor advertising industry. The new logo is a dynamic representation of Adeffi's technology-driven approach to outdoor advertising, while the website is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and offers a seamless user experience.

Adeffi's marketplace is a game-changer for outdoor advertising, providing brands with the tools they need to reach their target audience effectively. The company's technology simplifies the process of launching outdoor ad campaigns while offering advanced tracking and analytics tools that help brands measure the impact of their campaigns. With Adeffi, brands can now take advantage of the power of outdoor advertising with confidence.

For more information on Adeffi Limited and its outdoor advertising technology marketplace, please visit the company's new website at